Adventurous confident city woman Denver boudoir
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Adventurous confident city woman Denver boudoir

I am a peacock, my feathers proudly fanned, boldly strutting my stuff as I parade down the bustling city streets. I feel your eyes, inhale your secret lust. Am I not a sight to behold? Am I not a vision from a feverish fantasy weaved by every velvety-silk glint of my colors? I am nature’s monarch, a tribute to her majesty. My throne is the world around me. Chest puffed, crest erect, I am a living, walking jewel aglow with iridescent colors to rival any rainbow. As the outdoor Denver boudoir photographer follows me with her camera, I pause to allow her to capture my resplendent image through her lens. I preen and pose and flutter in the sunlight, each movement reflecting a thousand dazzling prisms. Slowly, I turn like a feathered carousel. My subjects stare in awe; they point and whisper among themselves and ask what this ethereal vision is before them. What beauty walks among us? Who is this divine creature? Why does she walk among us? And like a mythical creature, I flap my wings and soar to the trees, allowing one of my feathers to drift the ground. It is my gift to you, a treasure to forever behold.

Boudoir shoot creative musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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