Beautiful brunette boudoir pictures Denver photographer
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Beautiful brunette boudoir pictures Denver photographer

How did I know you were there? But then, aren’t you always? You stand in the shadows watching me sleep in my boudoir. A silent wraith taking pictures with your mind. Imprinting my image into your soul. A spiritual photo for your insatiable heart. I feel it beating a primal drumbeat. The rhythm the erotic waves of a sensual ocean. Is that how badly you want me? To capture me like an insect preserved in amber? A keepsake for your passion. A trophy for your hunger. You know I saw you in my dreams… as always. Felt your energy engulf in waves of gentle butterfly kisses. I shivered beneath your phantom touch even though your heat teased me with a thousand candle flames. I glimpsed the desire in your eyes even as your body transformed into a sinuous panther, a circling eagle, a magnificent wolf. Will we travel the astral plane together and journey embraced as one? Floating among the stars, cast by the solar winds, unconcerned with our destination. I see it now, yearn for it as you yearn for me. So take my hand. Pull me into your arms. I’m ready. I know you are. Let the journey begin.

Creative photo musings on boudoir photo shoot by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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