Bedroom boudoir photos confident sexy woman
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Bedroom boudoir photos confident sexy woman

I see you, sleeping beauty. Peeking through the door of your boudoir, I watch you in awe. Silent. Afraid to breathe lest I disturb you. Am I worthy? Dare I even gaze at the image of your sculpted perfection? And how you stir my heart. In repose on your bed, lost in slumber, stretched out with feline sensuality… what a picture you convey to my senses. You taunt me like an eclair, an exquisite contrast of chocolate and delectable cream. I feast on your body. I long to taste you, to experience the richness of your flesh, the creamy texture of your skin. If I were a camera, my lens would shatter before I could take a picture. So intense is your perfection. I jealously watch the loving caress of your necklace. Wish my head could rest there. And the ebony waterfall of your hair, luring me with strands of silk. If I reached for your hand, would you feel my fleeting touch? If I toyed with your strap, would you awaken? I envision your eyes meeting mine and your smile, the gentle curve of your lips. I’ll wait for you, sleeping beauty. Let me greet you like the rising sun of a new day.

Creative photo musings on edgy boudoir by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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