Black white outdoor boudoir photography Colorado
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Black white outdoor boudoir photography Colorado

Rising from the earth like Venus on the Half-Shell, she fills us with awe. Her alabaster body gleams like moonstone in this outdoor boudoir photo. Why does she tempt and intrigue us? Is she a still-life image? A living picture of an ancient spirit metamorphosed into alluring flesh? Hand on hip, leg raised in a defiant pose, she basks in the light and drinks from its potent nectar. A halo shimmers behind her, a celestial shield worthy of a sun goddess. She is sensual, rounded softness against the sharp, craggy peaks rising behind her. Silk against sand. Feminine against masculine. Yin to yang. The sky’s light and shadows contrast the rocks, which mirror the light and shadows caressing her body. She is one with the land, at home in the element, a mistress of her realm. Yet she is elusive, a mystery, a seductive enigma. We went to glimpse her face, hear the music of her voice. No matter how high we try to climb, no matter how much our hands bleed, we can never quite reach her. Never touch her. We can only worship her from afar. For she will flutter away toward the sun like a shimmering dragonfly.

Creative photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Colorado.

Keywords: black and white boudoir (51), outdoor boudoir (37).

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