Boudoir photography confident strong sexy woman
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Boudoir photography confident strong sexy woman

You ready to pull the trigger? Looking to take a walk on the very wild side? For the Colorado outdoor nude boudoir photographer, danger lurks in every silken curve, every moist, inviting crevice. Feel that simmering heat as your lens slides down slippery slopes to a place where you can never return. Doesn’t it feel so very good to just… let… go? But what images play through your mind now? It’s there. In front of you. What are you afraid of? You know you want it. Picture yourself releasing the brakes and barreling down the hill. Dive into that deep azure pool and let the water’s embrace pull you down. Is that your quickened breath I hear? The staccato rhythm of your heart? Let it beat against mine and we wrestle, our bodies tangled like snakes. A half-forgotten voice whispers in your mind, but the shackles of the past, the handcuffs of society shatter and fall away in pieces. Don’t worry… I don’t need to fire a single bullet. You have found my secret target, explored my buried treasure. No need to hesitate. It’s yours. Take it. It’s for you… and you alone.

Creative boudoir musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Colorado.

Keywords: outdoor boudoir (37).

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