bridal boudoir photography Denver Colorado woman
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bridal boudoir photography Denver Colorado woman

Come out from the bushes, lost little kitten. I hear your frightened meow, glimpse the glitter of you diamond blue eyes. I call to you, but you jump at my shadow. But there is nothing to fear. I could never harm you. Come closer, now. The indoor Denver boudoir photographer is your friend, an ally determined to save you. I hear rustling, is that a glimpse of snowy white fur? The camera lens is pointed toward you, capturing images of a fragile spiderweb whisker or a tiny pink-toed paw. Where is your mother, little one? The world is a frightening place, but I am your protector now. I kneel and beckon to you, push forward a saucer of milk. Come and drink. I know you are thirsty. You take a tentative step forward, your hungry gaze fixed on the dish, tiny nose twitching. I smile and whisper soothing words. You will not need to be afraid tonight. I will swaddle you in warm blankets by the fireplace and brush the mats from your coat until it shines like silken moonlight. I will pamper you with meals fit for a princess. I will spoil you. Above all, I will love you forever.

Creative boudoir photography musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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