Bridal boudoir photography private bedroom reflection
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Bridal boudoir photography private bedroom reflection

Do you stand at a crossroads, my beautiful blushing bride? Secluded in my indoor boudoir, safe from the world that buzzes beyond the door, are you too shy to gaze at my camera? Does the silken serenade of my lens recall distant memories? I circle you gently, tread silently on the carpet. Your image conjures such innocence, an intimate picture of a woman/child sheltering beneath her spiderweb veil. Your wistful reflection whispers of memories and longings, of the past and present. I can almost hear your thoughts, gentle as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings. If I come close, can I touch one of your dreams? Can I hold it in my hand like a baby bird? I can only wonder I you will speak to me with your eyes. Or are your words etched only in the language of your body? The diffuse light of the chandelier bathes you in an ethereal glow, white on white, a virginal throne. You can look, but you cannot touch. So I wait by the mirror, watching. Hoping to capture you in a loving embrace. There is nothing to fear, angel. You have your wings. And the sky is your endless domain.

Reflective boudoir photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Keywords: black and white boudoir (51), bridal boudoir (26).

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