Colorado outdoor boudoir image women's reflection
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Colorado outdoor boudoir image women's reflection

She walks confidently toward the gauzy light of a different path. Each step is a journey toward a bold new future. Leaving the past behind, her image in the water is a bold declaration. It is a picture of a woman newly emerged from the chrysalis, a farewell to the person left behind. In this outdoor boudoir photo, we witness a powerful transformation. She has shed her skin and walks proudly in the light. Naked. Free. Unashamed. Standing straight and tall, arms back, face to the sun, the butterfly has spread her wings. We watch with envy. We yearn for her courage, her liberation. We want so badly to shed our skins, to cleanse our hearts and souls. Long to reach for our dreams. How inviting the limpid water looks. What a powerful mirror it is… reflecting our true selves. Yet we are afraid too often to look, to step into the water’s cool embrace. What truths will we see in its transparent depths? Who will we be when we emerge? Will we raised our faces to the sky? Yet all it takes is that first step forward. She leads us. We will follow her. We will embrace the gauzy light of a different path.

Creative photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Eldora, Colorado.

Keywords: black and white boudoir (51), outdoor boudoir (37).

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