Colorado outdoor boudoir photography red head
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Colorado outdoor boudoir photography red head

The storm is coming… don’t you feel it in the air? That expectant hush, that deceptive calm that plays your senses like harp strings. Beneath a leaden sky darkening in the horizon, a freshening wind begins to salsa with the trees. As the outdoor Colorado boudoir photographer stands in an emerald-washed meadow, the din of distant thunder resonates. The pungent scent of ozone melds with the heady scent of yellow wildflowers. The image is dark, brooding, almost menacing. Above, a latticework of lightning dully illuminates the brooding clouds. As you gaze through your lens, you can almost imagine the wrathful face of Odin glaring down at the Earth. You picture his mane of hair flowing, his eyes aglow with fire. You smell the hint of ozone-tinged rain and inhale its freshness. You absorb the raw, wild energy resonating around you and raise your arms to the roiling heavens. It pulses through your body and grounds you to the soil. You are at one with nature, the elements, the heartbeat of life. You view the world with heightened senses… smell the richness of the soil, hear the gently flap of bird wings… You are the sky. Embrace the storm. It is the echo of your heartbeat.

Boudoir creative musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Colorado.

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