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Confident sexy woman boudoir photography Denver

Do you see her? The newborn fawn shakily rises to her feet, skinny, trembling legs splayed as they feel the soil for the first time. Her silken coat gleams in the sun, inviting to the touch, her ears gently flicking from side to side as the sounds of nature greet her. Gazing shyly at the world with huge doe eyes, they mirror a beguiling curiosity. Through the eye of the camera lens, the indoor nude boudoir photographer captures the image of innocence. A child of Gaia, unspoiled, hungry to explore and learn, the fawn takes a step, then another. Her hooves crunch on a carpet of leaves, her twitching nostrils inhaling the perfume of the trees, the wildflowers, and the crispness of the Colorado mountain air. You watch in awe as this delicate creature follows her instincts, your camera a discreet shadow as you move through the dappled shade of leaves. At first she is skittish, wary. Who are you? Friend or foe? But as you lower the camera and gaze at her beauty, the moment you share is of pure perfection. A connection, as fragile as a butterfly’s wings, binds you. And even though you may never meet again, the memory is forever yours.

Boudoir photo creative musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Keywords: black and white boudoir (51).

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