Crazy beautiful eyes Denver boudoir photography
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Crazy beautiful eyes Denver boudoir photography

Your eyes pull me into the deepest ocean, down into the liquid miles into your fathomless embrace. They hypnotise me with their sapphire brilliance. Multifaceted gemstones that reveal secret dimensions and glitter with hinted promise, what would I discover if I mined your treasures? Through my camera lens, I explore the mystery of your gaze, the poetry of your body that no mere word can describe. I sail across the undulating waves of your flesh and hear the cadence of your breath. Eagerly, I capture your images, though I know no photo, no picture can ever convey your timeless feminine allure. You recline in my indoor boudoir, within my reach, but away from my touch. What thoughts curve your luscious pink lips that resemble a ripe strawberry for the picking? Every curve, every hollow comprise the musical notes of a sensual song begging for a voice. May I be your instrument? The strum of a guitar, the whisper of a harp. You are the silent words of a romantic ballad, a heartfelt love song, a passionate opera. I am your audience, following you around your stage, tossing roses toward you. Will you sing to me? Serenade me with your eyes?

Creative photography musings on boudoir style by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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