Denver boudoir photographer sexy woman reflection
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Denver boudoir photographer sexy woman reflection

This photograph won a creative composition award from Photographers Association of International Boudoir.

I see you looking… I feel your eyes and the scorching heat of your thoughts. Is this a picture or a mirror image of your darkest desires? Come into my boudoir, said the spider to the fly. That’s right. Obey. Kneel. Your eyes cannot meet mine… yet. Crawl to me and worship my reflection. Gaze at my body, the perfect curvature of my legs, the sheen of my skin. Imagine the silken feel of my heel… before it slowly trails along your quivering flesh. But you cannot move. I forbid it. You can only lower your eyes and feed your hunger like the infant flames of a slowly stoked fire. Can you feel the warmth caress your flesh now? Oh, yes. I see you quivering. I see the naked lust in the glance you dare cast my way. My heel reminds you of your place beneath me. Am I not your mistress? A Circe calling you to a rocky shore? In my lair, you are my toy, my plaything, my slave. Perhaps I will allow you to touch me… Perhaps I will command you to prostrate yourself in silence. You have no voice. Your will is mine. You are mine…

Creative photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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