Fall colors outdoor boudoir photography shoot
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Fall colors outdoor boudoir photography shoot

Who is the Denver boudoir photographer that has captured the spirit of the outdoors in her photo shoots? Does she claim the majestic Colorado mountains and forests as her own? Walking among the leafy veils of gold, green, and orange, her footsteps crunching on a dense carpet of parchment leaves, her lens captures the she wolf on the prowl. Wild, untamed, she proudly surveys her domain from a lofty boulder. She sniffs the cool, pine-scented air, her eyes ever alert, ears pricked to the slightest sound. An image of savage beauty, the camera conveys her raw energy, paints pictures of a realm we dare not tread. For beneath her silken mane, claws wait to be unsheathed. Sharp, like razors, trespass not in her lair. At night, when the moon is full and its spectral light paints the mountains in quicksilver shadow, she howls to the gods of nature, pays homage to stars that glitter like feral eyes… eyes that also watch from the liquid depths of tree-swatched canyons and hidden vales. Her pack follow wherever she treads on silent footfalls. Obedient servants, keepers of the hierarchy, she leads until we lose her trail in the swirling morning mist…

Creative musings on outdoor boudoir photography by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Colorado.

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