Gambling woman boudoir pictures Denver Colorado
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Gambling woman boudoir pictures Denver Colorado

Are you all in or would you prefer to raise the stakes? Feel the round firmness of those chips as you roll them in your hands. Go on. Push the stacks across the smooth surface of the table. Catch your reflection in the polished wood. Feel their electric energy course through your fingers. For the indoor Colorado boudoir photographer, the stakes are always high when you play the game. But today you feel lucky. The image of that winning hand is branded in your mind, your eye firmly on the succulent prize within your reach. You want it so badly you can taste it… it’s in your blood. You can’t escape it. Shuffle those cards, feel them yield to your grip as you deal them. Watch them skim across the table. You can smell the adrenaline… the anticipation. Win or lose? Up the ante. It’s all or nothing now. Picture the jackpot awaiting you, the rewards beyond your imagination. Numbers blur. Black and red. King and Queen. Jack and Ace. The tension mounts. But tonight the fates smile at you. The royal flush is yours. Piles of green, red, white, and blue yielding to your touch. Surrendering… it’s yours… all yours.

Boudoir photography creative musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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