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Girl next door Denver boudoir images

I am an exotic island rising from the liquid womb of the ocean. Surrounded by infinity, I bask beneath the balmy heat of a tropical sun. The azure dome of the sky embraces me like a phantom lover. Through the lens of an indoor Denver boudoir photographer, you circle my shores on your landing approach… a seabird seeking shelter from its long flight. You gaze upon my image, each picture forever imprinting me into a thousand memories. My beaches spill pearlescent sand into the surging surf. Lush foliage sways in a breeze scented by salt and the heady fragrance of flowers. Scale my cliffs, dig your hands into my rich soil. As you climb, feel the sensuous rise and fall of virgin land. Listen to my primal heartbeat. Will you explore my vales and secret caves? Will you sleep under the stars to the serenade of night creatures? Or wish you rush naked into my crystalline waters and swim with the dolphins? I am your Earthly paradise, I am the mysterious Xanadu. Stay with me and explore a world beyond your imagination, a place of freedom. You will be my castaway, sitting on my beaches, your profile forever turned to the horizon …

Creative musings on boudoir photography by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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