Incredible eyes Denver Colorado boudoir photography
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Incredible eyes Denver Colorado boudoir photography

Where can you find the most talented Colorado indoor boudoir photographer? Look again, and you will find her where the cerulean sky meets the azure ocean, merging as one into eternally restless, surging motion. Where swaying whitecaps and foamy surf reach for passing clouds of gossamer spider silk. Where sugar-white sand swirls beneath the mirror of the heavens. She walks along the waterline to the chorus of seabirds and the hiss and boom of the waves. Her lens is a constant blur of motion seeking timeless moments forever captured in dreamy photo shoots. How she wants to lay on the shore and feel the warmth of the sun embrace her. How she wants to dive into the cool, crystalline waters and swim among the aquatic gardens thriving around her. Moving deeper through the fluid shimmer of the currents, she explores a universe of liquid blue, a myriad of sea creatures the inhabitants of exotic alien worlds. The eye of her camera is the eye of her soul, gazing at a picture of heaven no mortal mind can truly fathom… is it a dream? A fantasy come real? What is this magical realm between the cerulean sky and the azure ocean?

Creative photo musings on intimate boudoir style by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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