Lazy Sunday morning boudoir photography session
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Lazy Sunday morning boudoir photography session

You flow down the bed like a fleshy waterfall, a bewitching melange of vanilla and chocolate, mocha and cream. Adrift on a fluffy marshmallow. A tempting wedge of Tiramisu presented on a chilled china plate. Alone in your boudoir photograph, lost in your reverie, you exude the image of melting ice cream on a scorching day…dripping, oozing a sensuality we long to taste. Can we dip our fingers into your sticky sweetness and lick every last drop? Can we bite into the sugar cone of your body? Oh, what a picture that conjures in our hungry imagination. But we want more. We are starving. We crave you like a sugar high. We proudly proclaim our addiction. Are we children returned to the days of milk and Oreo cookies? Crumbling them and dipping them into our tall glasses? You are dessert for the soul, a confection for the mind. Can we twirl the truffle tresses of your hair? We so want to tease our palates on a sugar cookie hip, a succulent eclair thigh, a delicate macaroon ankle. Let us run rampant into the candy shop of our fantasies. Let us gorge ourselves until we can no longer move. Let us taste you…

Creative musings on boudoir portraits by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Coloraod.

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