Outdoor boudoir photography Colorado fall colors
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Outdoor boudoir photography Colorado fall colors

I am the changing seasons, a kaleidoscope of colors reflecting nature’s mood. My domain spans the magnificent landscape of forest-decked mountains, the canopy of soaring trees embraced at night by the soft-focus swirl of the galactic arm. I shimmer like quicksilver on lakes and streams and speak through the voices of the creatures that find shelter in my arms. Through the lens of a Denver outdoor boudoir photographer, I reveal a thousand images to capture… parasols of bronze and lemon-yellow leaves, the mottled texture of tree bark, the cushioned, earthy path on which you tread. Do you feel the crispness in the air, see the bustle of animals preparing for the winter? Does the sun hang lower on the horizon, peeking through craggy summits soon to be crowned by tiaras of snow? Raise your face to the mellow warmth and let your silken skin drink its diffuse light. Today I wear a gown of spun-silk gold. A picture of innocence, I am the gentle whisper of an autumn wind, the crackle of a dancing fire, a pungent wisp of woodsmoke. Follow me and let me show you my chameleon face, for soon I shall wear my cloak of snowflakes…

Outdoor boudoir creative photo musings by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Colorado.

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