Outdoor boudoir photography Colorado Rocky Mountains
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Outdoor boudoir photography Colorado Rocky Mountains

In the world of a Colorado outdoor boudoir photographer, the palette of color teases the hungry eye. The gently clicking lens paints her feminine image on a sensual canvas, her body flowing like a ruby red claret from the mouth of a crystal goblet. Rich and resonant on the palate, velvety on the tongue, she drips in her sun kissed glory. She is a living cherries jubilee blended with sweet cream, firm, rounded, juicy. Temping us to take a bit and savor her tart sweetness, daring us to devour her and lick the plate clean. Her sublime beauty is a contrast of soft, cushiony flesh against the phallic thrust of stone and the soaring, mountain slopes erect with aromatic verdant forest. No Denver photo shoot can compare to the primitive elements of unspoiled nature, free of filters, of pretense, of intrusive lights. Alone beneath the sapphire blue dome of the sky, contemplating her kingdom, she is serenaded by birdsong or the haunting cry of a hawk. Perhaps she will turn, or perhaps she will continue gazing, oblivious to our presence, leaving us satisfied merely to gaze at the sculpted perfection of a shoulder… a picture forever branded in our memory.

Creative photo musings on wife boudoir by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Keywords: outdoor boudoir (37).

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