Outdoor boudoir photography confident Colorado woman
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Outdoor boudoir photography confident Colorado woman

I see you watching from the window, the shadow of your lens flitting past the sheer curtains. Though the Denver indoor nude boudoir photograph moves like the blink of an eye, your camera a sinuous mental caress, I see you. I see everything. Through the gauzy light of dawn, you wait for me, hungry for something you long to touch. I feel you as strongly as though you hold me in your arms, but come too close and I vanish like a wraith into to the misty depths of the Colorado forest. Alone in the silent mornings, as birds awaken and begin their serenade, you wait. A silent, eager sentinel forever searching. You try to capture me, imprint my image in your mind, hold my pictures to your heart. But do you even know who I am? What message do you read in my eyes? Do you glimpse a smile in the wistful turn of my lips? Or am I merely a reflection of your secret desires? Stripped of the veil, free to play in the forest of our dreams, is that not the truth that lives in our hearts? Then step into the misty morning with me. Take my hand, and walk with me into the woods.

Creative boudoir picture musings by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Eldora, Colorado.

Keywords: black and white boudoir (51), outdoor boudoir (37).

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