Outdoor boudoir photography session beautiful woman
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Outdoor boudoir photography session beautiful woman

I am sassy. Bold. Brazen. Cocky. Got an attitude higher than the Colorado mountains. A firecracker exploding in the night sky, sending ribbons of color that blur the stars. I roam the jungle and strut my stuff like lioness. Afraid of nothing. No one. I raise my face to the sky and the warmth of the sun. This is my domain. Hear me roar! I am that extra hot pepper I dare you to taste. Think you can handle me? Go ahead. Bite into it. Feel the heat on your tongue. Roaming the turf of the best Denver outdoor boudoir photographer, the world is my playground. Catch my images if you can. Your shutter is fast, but I am faster. I hitch a ride on the wind, follow the hawk drifting through the canyons. Can you picture that? The freedom to fly, travel the road wherever it takes you, to stand on the mountain top and scream. This is me. And I am proud! I am the queen of the world. In your face. Legs apart, hands on hips, I offer no apologies. Take it or leave it. I am a confident woman… a woman of the world, the woman of today.

Creative musings on boudoir style photography by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Keywords: outdoor boudoir (37).

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