Sexy beautiful eyes black white boudoir
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Sexy beautiful eyes black white boudoir

I see far more than the inquisitive camera of an indoor boudoir photographer. I glimpse beyond the lens into your eyes as much as you glimpse through the lens into mine. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. What images do you see in mine? With each click of the camera, what pictures will you create of the album of my life? So many memories play through my mind. They are the fluffy sheep you count when trying to fall asleep. Reminiscing of my past, gazing into my future as you create a montage of photos that you pluck one frame at a time. I came to you to remember, or perhaps I came to you to forget. I’m in a place of intimate contemplation, exposing mind and body. A spiritual cleanse, an emotional purging… I nestle onto a bed of fur. Soft and warm, a sensual embrace against my skin. I am comfortable, contemplative, in a place I cannot quite describe. You glimpse into my soul, not as a voyeur but as a healer, a feminine muse, a weaver of tales. I am almost too comfortable in this warm, cozy nest. I could fall asleep here and dream while your camera shutter quietly clicks away.

Creative musings on a black and white boudoir photo shoot by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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