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Sexy confident woman boudoir photography Denver

I am a triple-scoop sundae with a plump cherry on top. Drizzled with chocolate fudge, it trickles in tantalizing rivulets down my mounds of delectable French vanilla ice cream. Step into my retro soda fountain and take a seat. No need to rush. We have all day. No Colorado indoor boudoir photographer can resist dipping a spoon into my sweet temptation. Allow my sweet creaminess melt on your tongue and indulge in the images teasing your mind. Swirl that melting chunk in your mouth. Savor the richness of my flavor. I’m deliciously decadent, a treat for naughty at heart. Go one. No one’s watching. Let those inhibitions go. You are in my ice cream parlor now. Come and play. Can you picture how much fun we can have? If you want seconds, go right ahead. Scoop out as much as you want. Pile it on my dish and pour on that warm gooey chocolate. You can even lick the spoon if you want. Take an extra cherry, or two. They are so firm and juicy, and if you bite into them, they will squirt bright red juice down your chin. Still got a bad craving? Sweet tooth not satisfied? Then let’s have seconds…

Creative musings about boudoir pictures by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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