Sexy confident woman Denver Colorado boudoir
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Sexy confident woman Denver Colorado boudoir

It’s long after midnight. Darkness cloaks the world outside in hushed silence. Alone in my room, I close my eyes and listen to the cadence of my heartbeat. From the silken shadows, the indoor Denver boudoir photographer watches. Her camera is poised toward me like a voyeuristic eye, the lens capturing every nuance of my body. I feel her gaze as surely as if phantom hands trailed across my skin like a spray of errant feathers. But now my eyes grow heavy. I close them and drift away, higher and higher to a place beyond the sun and sky… a place where the Earth is a gleaming blue and white marble beneath me. I push away, a celestial swan gliding along the solar current. Spreading my wings, I follow the patterns of the constellations, the stars coyly winking eyes teasing me with images of fantastic worlds and mysterious civilizations. We are not alone. We never were, but we must open our minds to embrace the wonders beyond imagination. Are you brave enough to continue the journey with me? To travel through the maternal embrace of the universe? Then take my hand. We are explorers crossing the greatest ocean of all…

Creative boudoir style musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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