Sexy eyes boudoir photography Denver Colorado
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Sexy eyes boudoir photography Denver Colorado

I flow like the crystalline plumes of a waterfall thundering over a soaring cliff edge. My plumes roar with primal energy, foamy swathes pierced by glittering whorls of spray and prismatic rainbows. My rocky face is polished gemstone, smooth and sculpted. A symphony of tympanic grandeur, I boast a challenge, call out your dare. Fall into my cool embrace… let me pull you into my turquoise depths. Sink into my liquid domain awash with glints of sunlight. Engulfed by my enchanted mist, the indoor Denver boudoir photographer stands at the precipice, your lens hungrily feeding from my power, my strength. Click away. There is no rush. You eagerly capture my images, absorb my allure, and in your heart, you long to reach out and touch me. But still you hold back, afraid to fall, afraid to be swept away along the rapids roaring beyond. Do you not long to taste the sweetness of freedom? Do you not want to know what it is like to fly and soar through the heavens like a bird? Gaze down at the vortex swirling below. Imagine where the currents can take you. Shed your landlocked body, take a step, and jump… I will be waiting.

Creative musings on intimate photography by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Coloraod.

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