Sexy reflection strong woman boudoir photography
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Sexy reflection strong woman boudoir photography

Dance with the rainbow and let it embrace you with prismatic brilliance. An image of light, of energy casting you in a veil of color. In this indoor boudoir shoot, you dance among gossamer angel wings. Are you drifting on a cloud, a goddess gazing down from Mt. Olympus upon your mortal subjects? Do they paint your portraits or chisel your image in marble to worship in your temple? Your fingers trail upon your golden skin, your hair a soft caress against your face. I am close enough to touch, but far enough to yearn. What is the secret behind your smile? Will I capture your essence and frame it in a picture? Or will you look away from my lens, allowing me only the most fleeting glimpse in the mirror? Can I step into that shimmering realm? Will you raise your eyes at me then? Or will you continue your seductive fan dance… teasing me with too little, or perhaps, too much… the succulent curve of a breast, the smooth plane of a thigh, the tender flesh peaking from a stocking top… but I am merely your servant, your lady-in-waiting, breathlessly anticipating your glance…or even a smile.

Creative musings on boudoir pictures by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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