Strong confident woman boudoir photography Denver
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Strong confident woman boudoir photography Denver

Are you brave enough to tackle my hairpin curves? Skimming the magnificent Denver mountains, I am the road carved into its rocky face. I hug the cliffs, skim the lush forests rising into the perfect blue infinity of the sky. I dare the Colorado indoor boudoir photographer to follow my winding lane. Grip the asphalt with your lens, snare the image of my smooth contours with each picture. I challenge you to speed up, to follow me to the summit. Go on, push it to the edge. Press a little harder on the accelerator. Take a look over the railing. Isn’t the view spectacular? Do you feel dizzy? A little lightheaded? Stop a moment. Take a deep breath of that a fresh, pine-tinged air. Feel the warmth on your face. Inhale the blissful serenity of silence and listen to the heartbeat of nature around you. Embrace it. Drink it. You are at the top of the word now. Savor the moment. Alone with the wind, stretch your wings, jump from the edge, and let yourself fly. Drift with the currents flowing through the canyons, glimpse your shadow on the land. Now do you understand the joy of being free?

Creative musings on boudoir photos by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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