Strong confident woman Denver boudoir picture
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Strong confident woman Denver boudoir picture

The tension flows through my arms with a slow, gentle burn. Muscles tight, hands firmly clenched, I absorb the energy coursing through my body. I love that tingling buzz, that electrical charge penetrating every cell. Strength. Determination. Control. It feels so easy now, and I grip with confidence. My body is my sculpture, and I hone it with passion. The feel of my fingers trailing the taut curves and valleys, the sensual caress of black lace against my skin inspire my motivation. I am a living, breathing artwork, and I am proud. Perfection is my goal. I am my own mistress. Aroused by the roundness and feel of steel, I curl myself around its cool firmness. I feel the eyes of the indoor Denver boudoir photographer, her camera lens an eye probing, searching for secrets and hidden treasure. She silently captures me with each photo, each image a still-life, a future memory. My face is turned to the pearly light filtering through the window. I immerse myself in its buttery glow and take a deep breath, then another. I lower the weight, lift it. Slowly, fluidly, like the gentle ripples spreading across a pond. Feel me. Feel my power…

Creative boudoir photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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