Cherry Creek Denver high fashion photography
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Cherry Creek Denver high fashion photography

A well-dressed model couple is photographed leaving an upscale mall. They are both smiling and look happy with their various purchases. The male model, smiling at the camera, is looking dapper in a well-tailored black suit and black sunglasses. The female model is gazing at him while mid-conversation and is dressed in a gray coat with black polka dots, a bright pink dress, and black ankle boots. The image appears to be an advertisement for the mall, as the background does not show anything clearly except for the mall’s name. The clothing worn by the models also implies that this is an advertisement, since most people who go to the mall are dressed more casually and comfortably. The male model’s suit shows that this mall caters for a well-to-do clientele, while her fashionable attire indicates that the boutiques inside are trendy and are likely to be designer names.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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