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Colorado fashion photography Denver maternity photos

A model couple poses for a black and white photo shoot before the arrival of their first child. The man is shirtless and wearing jeans while he cradles his partner’s baby bump with both hands on the sides of her stomach. She is in a white bandeau top and matching white skirt, her hands resting on her upper thighs. The couple’s faces are not showed at all, letting the viewer convey the couple’s emotions and moods solely through their body language. The man’s hands tenderly holding the sides of her stomach is a very intimate act that expresses love and dedication to the unborn child, while the placement of her hands show that she is allowing him to take full control of the situation. Because the viewer is unable to see the couple’s faces, it makes for a more striking image as it allows freedom of interpretation and in turn, a deeper connection with the image. The anonymity of the couple is made more mysterious by the choice of monochrome photography, resulting in an image that is simply raw and honest. The classic nature of monochrome photography also ensures that the image will always have a timeless quality about it.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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