Commercial photography Denver Colorado fashion shoot
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Commercial photography Denver Colorado fashion shoot

Three beautiful models are sitting on a modern white bench, with full awareness that they are being photographed. They are all not smiling and appear to be posing for a black and white fashion photography campaign. They could be models for women’s clothing, an accessories line, or a luxury shoe brand. They all have long, silky hair ranging from blonde to brunette and are holding different clutch bags in various styles while baring their long legs. The one on the far left is wearing a sleeveless black dress with black ankle boots, while the blonde model in the middle is wearing a short sleeve black dress with a contrasting-colored clutch on her lap. The model on the far right is wearing a short sleeve printed blouse and a knee-length black skirt with strappy heels, and a black clutch bag is perched on her right thigh. The monochrome aspect of the image gives it a more striking and mysterious appeal. The absence of other colors makes the models stand out more and transforms the image into high fashion photography. The stark contrast of black and white also makes the image more dramatic; the facial expressions of the models appear fiercer and moodier due to the lack of distractions that colored photos can provide.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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