Denver Colorado fashion photographer commercial shoot
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Denver Colorado fashion photographer commercial shoot

A female model poses for a fashion photo shoot by one of Denver's top photographers. She is sitting on the top of a small black ladder with her feet planted on the bottom parts of the ladder. She is wearing a black dress with short sleeves, black ankle heel boots, and she has a black bag slung over her left shoulder. Her dark brown hair is parted at the center and her makeup has been kept minimal except her lips, which have been painted a dark red hue. She has one hand tucked under her left ear, while her right hand sits in the middle of her lap. Her overall stance does not appear to be natural and the fashion photographer has most likely given her specific instructions on how to pose. She is modeling for a women’s clothing line that caters to women who prefer versatile pieces that can be worn in various ways. Her all-black outfit allows for different ways to mix and match each piece of clothing easily.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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