Denver commercial photographer summer fashion shoot
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Denver commercial photographer summer fashion shoot

Two male models are posing by the pool for a fashion photography shoot. One of Denver's photographers was after more of a candid picture with neither model looking at the camera. They are both shirtless and wearing light blue swimming trunks and dark sunglasses. One model is in the middle of throwing an inflatable ball as he holds a light blue drink in the other hand. The other model is reclining on a white lounger with one hand on his thigh while the other holds a similar blue drink. There are several colorful inflatable balls scattered randomly around the pool area, making the setting look like it was taken during a party. The image is almost reminiscent of American photographer Slim Aarons, who was famous for capturing glamorous socialites and celebrities constantly engaging in all types of fun and leisure. The image makes the viewer nostalgic for summer, when the afternoons would stretch out in a haze under the sun.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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