Denver commercial photographers Reign Magazine shoot
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Denver commercial photographers Reign Magazine shoot

A striking male model is being photographed for a high fashion photography shoot. Sitting on a multi-colored low stool on top of a floating wooden deck, he is gazing smolderingly at the ripples of water below him. On the wooden deck are a couple of geometric pillows and a tray with bottles of liquor. The model is wearing a navy blue velvet jacket, a t-shirt, checkered pants, and black boots. The image uses a variety of colors and shows different textures, but there seems to be a muted quality to it, resulting in a vintage-like effect. The mix of formal and informal items, as illustrated in the model’s velvet jacket and t-shirt, is also paralleled with the eclectic mix of the antique stool and crystal decanter.

Location: Pine, Colorado.

Keywords: Reign Magazine (7).

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