Denver fashion photographer commercial photo shoot
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Denver fashion photographer commercial photo shoot

A brunette fashion model is caught mid-jump with her left leg high up in the air. She is wearing a loose-fitting black sweater with three-quarter sleeves and black pants with black high heels. Her right hand is up, while her left hand is tucked under a black and white printed clutch bag. Her all-black outfit, monochrome accessories, and the gray background create a more serious and somber ambience. Her clothing suggests that she is modeling for a women’s clothing brand that caters to businesswomen or those who prefer more minimal and polished designs. Her pose suggests that the clothing brand is for stylish women on the go; busy women who can only take a few minutes out of their morning routines to get ready for the day ahead. The high heels and clutch bag are accessories more tailored for the evening, showing that these versatile pieces of clothing can easily be worn from day to night. With her pose, the viewer can see the designs clearly: how the sweater looks dressy enough but still has a loose-fitting and comfortable fit, and how the pants’ tapered cut will look flattering on most body types.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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