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Denver fashion photographer model black white

A female model is posing for a black and white fashion photography shoot. She is looking straight into the camera and is holding onto a black stair ladder, which is almost as tall as she is. She is wearing a short black dress with three-quarter sleeves, a black clutch bag, and black ankle boots with high heels. Her long hair is worn straight and is parted down the middle. She is showing off her long legs by putting her foot sideways on the ladder’s first step while on tiptoe. The monochrome palette makes the image appear more mysterious and moody, as well as make the model’s expression look very striking and fierce. The absence of color in the image highlights the basic elements of the photo: the model’s expression, the texture of the clutch bag, the contrast of shadow and light in the model’s long hair, the strong lines seen on the step ladder.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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