Denver Union Station fashion photography shoot
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Denver Union Station fashion photography shoot

One of Denver's top photographers captures images for Reign Magazine at Union Station. The fashion model is wearing a light pink sweater, a textured black skirt, and high heels. Her head is cocked to the side, with one hand on the ice cream cone while the other holds her puppy. She is sitting on a black bench, with various pieces of handbags and luggage around her. The handbags next to her on the bench are both bright pink, with a pink lollipop peeking out from the corner of one bag. Her blonde hair has been curled at the ends and her bangs are parted severely to the side. The number of bags and suitcases in the photograph suggest that she is modeling for a luxury travel handbag line. The varying shades of pink captured in the photograph create a more feminine mood.

Location: 1701 Wynkoop Street.

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