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Fashion photography Sir Sport Fall Magazine

In this photo shoot for a fall edition of Sir & Sport Magazine, a male model and his dog are captured taking a canoe out for a relaxing morning activity. The male model is dressed for the chilly Colorado fall weather in his favorite sweatshirt and navy quilt vest. He has sunglasses on to protect his eyes from the morning sun. He is smiling as he takes a break from paddling, instead enjoying the soothing sounds of nature and the fresh air as his dog relaxes by his side. Inside the canoe are a couple of blankets and a big cooler filled with water, snacks and dog treats. The water is a tranquil shade of green and the lightest of winds have created small ripples on the surface. It is a perfect day to be out and about, appreciating the best things that Mother Nature has to offer. The canoe stands out in the photograph as it is painted a bright shade of blue, which is likely a safety concern as it would be easier to spot in case of an emergency.

Location: Pine, Colorado.

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