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Mexico fashion shoot Denver commercial photographer

A fashion model in a gorgeous red gown walks alone on a secluded and pristine beach. The sun is about to set, casting streaks of pink and orange in the sky, and the tide is getting stronger and stronger. She is walking barefoot and loves the feeling of the smooth sand gathering between her toes; it evokes nostalgic memories from her childhood. She is wearing a long, body-hugging red sleeveless gown with a deep V neckline and a tiered hem. She is posing for a fashion campaign and is excited for the results; she knows that images captured at this magical hour would be a great addition to her modeling portfolio. Her long, dark hair is usually straight and sleek, but the saltwater and humidity have transformed it into effortless beach waves. She wears minimal make-up, and her only accessories are a pair of statement earrings and her newly acquired deep tanned skin, courtesy of hours of reading by the pool earlier that morning. She loves posing for fashion photography shoots like these, what else could be better than being photographed against one of Mother Nature’s most breathtaking backgrounds? The sound of the waves hitting the shore is so pleasant and soothing; it immediately conjures up endless memories of her childhood vacations by the beach. She smiles naturally and sincerely at the camera, happy and content in her present state.

Location: Cabo San Lucas.

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