Reign Magazine Colorado fashion photography shoot
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Reign Magazine Colorado fashion photography shoot

A fashion model blows a kiss to the Denver fashion photographer as she leans over by a truck. She appears to be modeling for a women’s clothing store that specializes in contemporary and up-and-coming fashion designers. She is wearing a printed floral jacket over a beige sweater, a black fringe mini skirt, and over-the-knee black boots. Her dark blonde hair has been done in a casual hairstyle and she is wearing bright green drop earrings. Behind her is a mint green pick-up track that looks like it has seen better days. Her lips are puckered up and her right hand is directly underneath, as if she is blowing an imaginary kiss at the camera. Although her jacket is a mix of different shades, the color green stands out against all the hues. Along with the green truck and the green earrings, the viewer is immediately quick to notice the variety of greens in the photograph. Her trendy and fashionable outfit contrasts greatly with the rundown truck, creating a juxtaposition of high versus low. She looks happy and relaxed, appearing to be genuinely thrilled to be behind the fashion photographer's camera.

Location: Boulder, Colorado.

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