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Reign Magazine cover high fashion photography

A petite fashion model perches casually on the back of a vintage white car. She is wearing a colorful sleeveless printed dress with a voluminous skirt and black and white pumps. She looks very feminine and ladylike, with one hand is holding a black and white tote bag while the other hand is steadied on her sunglasses. Her shoulder length blonde hair is styled into a contemporary take on the bouffant hairdo. There are various items strategically placed on the car’s rear: a green bag with sunglasses dangling from it, a pineapple, a globe, a green hat, a bright pink flower and a couple of sturdy-looking suitcases in cream and brown. The varied nature of the items show that these objects are not the model’s personal items for a road trip, but are props for a photo shoot, wherein she poses for fashion photography. She is not smiling but is looking squarely at the camera and at the fashion photographer. The bright colors worn by the model make her seem bubbly and vibrant and add a touch of childlike nature to the image. The globe indicates that she is always up for any adventure and dreams of traveling the world continent by continent, while the pineapple alludes to her preference of tropical destinations and sunny climates.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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