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Reign Magazine fashion Denver commercial photographer

A fashion model poses for a women’s fashion line. She is wearing a long sleeve button down shirt tied at the waist and a long black skirt with tiers and ruffles. Her accessories include a black fedora and various turquoise necklaces and bracelets. Along with the backdrop of a rundown structure, the vibe in the photograph is definitely bohemian. The model has one hand on her hip while the other hand is perched on the top of her hat. The setting is in the outdoors, with the grass evident in the photograph, as well as a white animal head sculpture. The model’s blonde hair has been done in curls, and she wears minimal makeup except for her bright red lipstick. She is modeling for a women’s clothing store that specializes in apparel and accessories for the free-spirited and adventurous woman.

Location: Boulder, Colorado.

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