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Reign Magazine fashion photography commercial photos

A top Denver fashion photographer expertly captures a model during a candid moment. She looks carefree and is laughing, with her left hand holding the bottom frame of her sunglasses. She is wearing a chunky neutral-colored sweater and her blonde hair is tucked under her ears, showing off her metallic beaded tassel earrings. The main highlight of the image is her eye-catching sunglasses, which features round acetate frames and unique spiral temples. Although her head is tilted to the side, the viewer can see that her lips are painted red and she has on purple nail polish. The candid nature of the shot makes the subject appear more relaxed and down-to-earth, which in turn makes the photograph more authentic and natural. Maybe she was in the middle of laughing at an inside joke, or she was just having a good day. The main thing that the viewer of the photograph is sure of is that the subject’s genuine emotions were captured in the perfect moment.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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