Reign Magazine summer commercial fashion photos
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Reign Magazine summer commercial fashion photos

A fashion model is laughing as she gets out of a beautiful swimming pool. She is wearing a colorful floral swimming cap, a black and white bikini top, and black bottoms. Her dark brown hair peeks out under her cap and falls by her left shoulder. She looks reminiscent of a 1950s pin-up girl, with her retro-looking bathing suit and swimming cap. In the background, the viewer can see two waterfalls and some stairs going into the rectangular swimming pool. The model looks happy and has her elbows rested on the pool’s metallic ladder. The image is very pleasant to look at due to the water’s calming ripple effect, the lush green colors of the plants, and the model’s carefree smile. Her swimming cap really stands out in the image and is most likely the accessory that she is modeling for. The bright colors of the cap look very striking against the light blue of the water and the rich green of the plants.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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