Reign Magazine summer fashion photography shoot
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Reign Magazine summer fashion photography shoot

On a beautiful and sunny afternoon, a Denver fashion photographer captures two male models lounging by the pool. One model reclines on a colorful pillow while the other is standing inside the pool. Both have yellow cocktail glasses by their sides and both are wearing statement sunglasses to shield themselves from the sun. One model is wearing a multicolored pair of tight swim briefs and tinted green sunglasses. The model, half submerged inside the pool, has both arms steadying him by the pool’s ledge. In front of him is what looks like a plate of colorful food, perhaps some fruit and some dip. They both appear to be very relaxed and seem to be enjoying a pleasant and blissful day under the sun. The background shows a well-built pool with different-sized cascading waterfalls and well-maintained greenery. The photo is very nice to look at due to the tranquil effect of the water, the abundant greenery, and the relaxed nature of the models.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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