Reign Magazine winter fashion Denver photographer
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Reign Magazine winter fashion Denver photographer

A model couple is posing during for a high fashion photography shoot, with the male holding a glass of red wine while the female is eating from a white bowl of tomato pasta. They are both dressed up and look very glamorous, with the male model looking dapper in a navy blue suit with a dark red shirt underneath, while she looks gorgeous in a long sleeve striped mini dress with metallic high heels. She is sitting on top of a white shelving unit while he is standing against it. The image background is of various framed blue prints against a white wall. There is a lot of blue in the image, from their clothing to the framed art prints on the wall. She is looking straight at the fashion photographer while she slurps a spoonful of pasta, while the male model gazes at her with his hand on her left thigh. His gaze at her looks smoldering and is filled with lust and longing. With his hand grasping her inner thigh possessively, he appears to be very enamored and captivated by her and her beauty.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Keywords: Reign Magazine (7).

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