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Sir Sport Magazine images Denver photographer

A male model and his dog are photographed by one of Denver's top photographers during their morning stroll in the woods. The man is dressed for the cold weather in a dark navy coat, a printed sweater, and khaki pants. He is also wearing sunglasses to shield himself from the morning sun. He is not looking at the camera but gazing adorably at his dog. The trail they are on is pretty empty and they are enjoying the good weather and all of Mother Nature has to offer. The background is very soothing with the scent of fresh pine trees, the earthy soil, and the sounds of birds chirping. These daily walks help the man clear his mind from the stresses of work life and be more relaxed, while providing the dog some good exercise. The photographer has captured them perfectly and candidly in their natural state, proving that dogs really are man’s best friend.

Location: Pine, Colorado.

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