Creative boudoir photo shoot in Denver, Colorado
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Creative boudoir photo shoot in Denver, Colorado

Edgy Boudoir at Rise Studio in Denver

I am a magnificent tigress roaming the jungle, sleek, hungry, on the prowl. Every fluid curve, every liquid motion of my body paints images that fuel your desire. Yet no matter how your pursue me, you can never slake your thirst. In this indoor boudoir shoot, who is the hunter? Who is the prey? Is your lens fast enough to capture a single photo of this elusive vixen? Can a mere picture convey my feral essence or my primal aura that lures you toward me like a honey-tipped Venus Fly Trap? You know you cannot resist my nectar any more than a bee can resist the golden pollen of a flower. I am the forbidden apple, tempting you to take a bite from my sweet, luscious flesh. You want to consume me. Devour me, roll me on your tongue, but I am too far ahead of you, and with each sinuous leap and jump over a savanna of silken sheets and feathery pillows, I elude you. I cast a glance over my shoulder, taunting, teasing. My scent lingers on the breeze and caresses you with phantom fingers. Powerful. Musky. Alluring. I snarl, unsheathe my claws. I dare you. Will you follow?

Creative musings on boudoir photography by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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