Plus Size Boudoir Image in Black and White
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Plus Size Boudoir Image in Black and White

I came in search of a distant shore. Crossing a vast ocean to land upon a shore within myself. An unexplored country. A hidden jungle empire with streets paved in gold. I found refuge in a magical garden, an indoor boudoir where I can play like a child and reveal my deepest secrets. What images do I see when I close my eyes? What pictures does my body language convey to your curious lens? Am I the Lady of the Lake rising to the surface, Excalibur in hand? Does the inky sweep of my hair reminisce of Rapunzel? You gently click away, a photographer capturing moments in time. Painting portraits of sleeping beauties. Yet I feel your gaze as you watch the rise and fall of my chest embraced in wisps of seductive black lace. I doze between a dream and reality, float like a dust mote through the gauzy light of the room. Time is meaningless in this secluded haven. I inhale a wisp of perfume, revel in the sensation of silken sheets against my skin. I found the place I was looking for. An intimate alcove where reality is far, far away, a place I can call home.

Creative boudoir photography musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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