Plus Size Boudoir Photo Shoot in Rise Studio
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Plus Size Boudoir Photo Shoot in Rise Studio

Dangerous curves ahead. There is no exit from this indoor boudoir fantasy. No doors leading to safety. In this wild country, release your wildest images and thoughts from imagination to reality. Picture yourself skating across thin ice, hear it shift and crack beneath your feet. Your heart races, your adrenaline pumps. Feel the rush. You know you can fall through at any moment. You should turn back to shore, yet like a drug, you can’t stop. She is wicked temptation, posed hand over hip, creamy flesh teasing you with snippets of alluring black lace. The perfect curve of a breast peeks coyly, revealing enough to stoke the flames within you. Hooked in her waistband, her thumb pulls down that teasing wisp of fabric ever…so…slowly. Another inch. Our pulse increases. A little tug further, and you’ve washed ashore on an exotic desert island. A white sandy beach of thigh…a curving inlet of hip…what wouldn’t we give to explore this paradise. Heaven on Earth, or heaven of the mind? Our fingers are sandpipers scuttling along the shoreline. We feel the salty warmth of the ocean of her body lap against us…and all we want to do is dive into the water.

Creative black and white boudoir photography musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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